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A game made for SBGames 2008 indie game contest in Brazil, this is our proud attempt of making an artsy yet homogeneous game, with a different gameplay for a puzzle platformer (there is no jump!), seeking reality in its gameplay.

Play carefully in this ice-climbing game, because it's as harsh as real life.


Made for an arcade Christmas game contest in an old gamedev forum, you must avoid all the haunted forest harms and get Santa safe to his sleigh.

Portuguese only, but you can play using the numpad as 8-direction commands (7, 8, 9, 4, 6 and 3) along with numpad Enter to advance.

Background graphics by Danny Flexner.


Our first work as a team, it's actually a fangame. Made for a minigame challenge in an old gamedev forum, you are a stickdude carrying a lightsaber fighting against classic Star Wars enemies, final boss included!

Menus are in Portuguese, but it's still playable.